My name is Peter Cornelissen and I am master mariner and photographer.

With my passion for photography and shipping, it was only a matter of time for these two to be combined.

This only became serious when I got my first digital camera from my wife. From that moment on I didn’t have to wait for months to develop my films. I was now able to be busy with my photo’s during my spare time on board.

Halfway the eighties,

I worked a few years as salesman and photographer in a photo shop where I made pictures inside and outside the studio. Next to that I followed a study at the fotovakschool in Apeldoorn. An attempt to work as a self-employed photographer failed since I did not have enough insight as a business man and I returned to be a navigator like I was before and where a great part of my life lies.

From there on…

Although I made quite some photos on board of ships I worked on, varying from fishing ships, anchor handlers, bulk carriers, chemical, hot products and clean product tankers, heavy lift ships, tugs and some more; I only started serious when I got my first digital camera as mentioned before.

To me it was only the next natural step to combine both passions and it was shortly after this that I started my website which I called It is combining my initials PC with pictures, just that simple.

At this stage I am still sailing about 6 months per year (I work 8 weeks on and 8 weeks off)

My photographs have been used in calendars, postcards, websites, local and national newspapers and used in several business magazines.

My work was also printed in large format and used commercially and displayed in company buildings.